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Crosby Pro Am Pale Ale

West Coast Pale Ale w/ Belma, Strata & Centennial Hops


  • Currently unavailable
  • Belma, Centennial, Strata Hops
  • 5.6% ALC/VOL
  • IPA/DIPA/Pale
  • Under Ripe Pome Fruit, Slight Cinnamon, Baking Spice

About Crosby Pro Am Pale Ale

CROSBY PRO-AM y’all! This brand new pale is brewed with big, beautiful bunches of Belma hops added in both the traditional pellets and a new concentrated form of Belma just released by @CrosbyHops! All that Belma will be harmonizing with singing Centennial and Strata hops. This hype hop trio hits your tongue like Sammy, Dean, and Frank at the Sands in ‘63 imparting flavors and aromas of juniper, honey, white wine, under-ripe pomegranate, and some subtle cinnamon! At 5.6% ABV, your mouth is gonna have a swinging time! Get like us!