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Henhouse presents...


At HenHouse, we view any milestone as a chance to remember the past, and look to the future! That is why this year, to celebrate our 11th Anniversary we are gassing up our Short Range Delorean and turning the stretch of 101 between our Palace Of Barrels in Northern Petaluma and our Brewery Tasting Room in Southern Santa Rosa into a portal that will transport travelers between our past and our future!

At The Palace of Barrels, visitors will be guided by our liquid librarians through offerings that will include by-the-glass pours of our entire line-up of bottle-conditioned and barrel-aged beers, as well as a draft line-up that will include four of the beers we brewed during 2012, our first year as a nano-brewery!

Meanwhile, the Flight Attendants at our Santa Rosa Brewery Spaceport will guide guests into a science-driven space-aged future where novel ingredients and techniques are employed to pack as much alluring hop aroma as possible into the next generation of IPA!

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