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Walrus is Paul

As we all know, in 1966, Paul died in a car accident and was replaced by a young lookalike named Billy Shears, often referred to as “Faux Paul” or simply “Faul”. This was a calculated move by the band, their manager, and MI6 who enjoyed the distraction Beatlemania provided. The band then retired from public performance and began their “Studio Years”. They reluctantly acceded to this deception, but their guilt overcame them and they began leaking hints at the truth in hidden backwards recordings and album cover art. John even sang the line “Here’s another clue for you all, the Walrus is Paul”, the Walrus being the Scandinavian avatar of death. The question isn’t “Who is Paul?”, we know that. It’s been decades after all and Faul has been Paul longer than Paul was Paul and certainly Faul has been Paul longer than Billy was Billy. The question is WHAT is Paul?  A man from Liverpool or an idea? This IPA is made with Centennial and Pacific Jade hops.

The Walrus is Paul

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