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Got Your Back

California Common with Sterling , Ahtanum Hops – 5.1% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • Sterling , Ahtanum Hops
  • 5.1 % ALC/VOL
  • Lager/Kolsch/Blonde
  • Rye Bread, Dried Dark Fruit (Fig, Plum), Carmel, Cardamom, Malty, Slight Bitterness

About Got Your Back

There’s no place for racism in beer! We’ve teamed up with our old friends and at L.A.’s Asian-American owned Eagle Rock Brewery to create a clear, coppery California Common to celebrate all we have in common! Got Your Back is inspired by a classic light amber beer style updated with orangey Ahtanum hops. Rye bread notes partner with hints of fig and plum in this summer’s team beer! Pair with friends and uplifting spirits.