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Hella Stoked! – Autumn

Red IPA w/ El Dorado, Cascade, Simcoe hops


  • Currently unavailable
  • El Dorado, Cascade, Simcoe Hops
  • 6.4% ALC/VOL
  • IPA/DIPA/Pale

About Hella Stoked! – Autumn

We’ve been teaming up with our flat-bill friends at Livermore’s Altamont Brewing to produce the Hella Stoked series of seasonal IPAs for a few years now and with this Fall edition we are stoked to announce that there is now a Hella Stoked hop bomb for every season! This crimson-tinted, hella hoppy, IPA is bursting with classically West Coast aroma layered over a malt canvas made to match autumn’s color palette! Something about the season’s for chilly evenings sends us searching for the comfort of campfires and older-school West Coast hop flavors. So we packed this Autumnal IPA with a dank blend of Eldorado, Cascade, and Simcoe hops to supply notes of sour diesel and tart fruit! Stay Hella Stoked all year long!