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Knock Underground

Pale Ale with Ahtanum, Belma, Idaho 7, Belma, Loral Hops – 5.3% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • Ahtanum, Belma, Idaho 7, Belma, Loral Hops
  • 5.3 % ALC/VOL
  • Other
  • corn flakes, lemon oil, orange peel, berry

About Knock Underground

This is the hidden track on the 12” that’s not on the sleeve. This is the jaw-dropping feature verse from a forgotten early mixtape. This hoppy pale rewards leaving the well-worn path and trying new hops added in new ways. Loral, Idaho 7, Ahtanum, and Belma hops dance with new partners across your taste buds, delighting flavor explorers who look for something new. At an understated 5.3% ABV, “Knock Underground”, will keep you intrigued and thinking as you sip.