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Kubrick’s Landing

India Pale Ale w/ Mosaic, Motueka, & Mandarina Bavaria Hops


  • On Tap Novato
  • On Tap Petaluma
  • On Tap Santa Rosa
  • Mosaic, Motueka, Mandarina Bavaria Hops
  • 7.2% ALC/VOL
  • IPA/DIPA/Pale
  • Dank, pineapple, passionfruit, mango, orange, doughy malt

About Kubrick’s Landing

Mosaic! Motueka! Mandarina Bavaria! Mosaic! Motueka! Mandarina Bavaria! Say that 5 times fast! Could there be a more fun hop blend to talk about? Right here! In your glass, hops from 3 continents converge to unleash all those beautifully orange citrus fruits. Tangerine! Mandarin Orange! Valencia Orange! Mango! Ride this citrus wave until it crashes into a snappy back-of-the tongue hop bite that lets you know this is still a West Coast IPA.

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Acclaimed American director Stanley Kubrick has made many classic films but perhaps his most widely viewed work is something he wasn’t credited for: The Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Some believe Kubrick’s groundbreaking visual effects led him to be recruited by shadowy, deep-state operatives to fake the Apollo 11 moon landing. He did the job, but guilt overcame him, and he encoded a confession to the American film going public in his adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. Theorists argue that every time the film deviates from the original book, it’s a place Kubrick placed a hint.

Here are a few of Bob’s favorite Kubrick clues:

  1. Steven King clearly described a specific Volkswagen Beetle that was driven by the main character, Jack. Kubrick not only changed the car, but shot a scene featuring the car King described smashed to bits, signaling that this was no longer “King’s vehicle” but was Kubrick’s vehicle to tell Kubrick’s story.
  2. A frustrated Jack repeatedly throws a tennis ball at a Native American painting in the hotel’s grand “Colorado Room”. The Native American art in the room looks like rockets taking off and the tennis ball represents failed U.S. attempts at reaching the moon.
  3. In King’s book, the old caretaker of the hotel who killed his family, didn’t have twins. The twins were added by Kubrick to represent the Gemini space missions that preceded the Apollo Missions. 
  4. In a scene where Jack’s son, Danny, stands up as the Hotel tries to lure him with a tennis ball, he is wearing an Apollo 11 sweater. As the boy stands, the audience sees a visual metaphor of the Apollo 11 rocket launch.
  5.  The scene where Jack’s wife, Wendy, discovers that her husband hasn’t been really writing a novel, just typing a single sentence repeatedly, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, represents Kubrick’s wife’s horror at discovering he had been secretly working on the “moon landing”. Jack’s later explanation that “his obligations to his employers” prevent him from “leaving the Hotel” or quitting the Moon landing project.

The list goes on…