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Paul McTartney

Tasting Room Exclusive! Cask version of The Walrus is Paul IPA w/ Meyer Lemon and Tart Cherry


  • Currently unavailable
  • Centennial, Pacific Jade Hops
  • 6.3 % ALC/VOL
  • IPA/DIPA/Pale
  • Ice Tea, Jasmine, Lemon

About Paul McTartney

Paul McTartney IPA was created by taking a very small portion of our latest batch of The Walrus Is Paul and finishing its fermentation in the very same cask it is being poured from. As We All Know, the real Paul died in a car accident in 1966 and was replaced by a young look-a-like named Billy Shears, often referred to as “Faux Paul” or simply “Faul.” This was a calculated move by the band, their manager, and, of course, MI6 who enjoyed the distraction Beatlemania provided. If this leaves a sour taste in your mouth, it should! So, we’ve added Meyer Lemon and Tart Cherry to these pin cask to really pucker the point home! Goo Goo g’joob, y’all!