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Well, Actually

IPA with Citra, Moutere, Wai-iti Hops – 7.2% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • Citra, Moutere, Wai-iti Hops
  • 7.2% ALC/VOL
  • IPA/DIPA/Pale
  • Tamarind, pancakes, pineapple, eucalyptus, guava, rubber

About Well, Actually

“Well, Actually IPA” was made with members of our local chapter of the Pink Boots Society. P.B.S. is a fantastic organization of women in the beer industry with chapters all over the country pursuing their mission of “empowering women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education”. Our quality manager, Carly, composed a hop blend featuring Citra and lots of Moutere and Wai-iti. All this Zealandian new new, supported by Citra, is sure to give your nostrils something to talk about. Brewed by women, brewed for everybody!