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Witchcraft & The Occult 2

Other with CTZ, Wolf Hops – 10% Alc/Vol


  • Bottles To Go - Novato
  • CTZ, Wolf Hops
  • 10 % ALC/VOL
  • Other
  • Cola, nutty, fig/currants, burnt sugar, tart cherry, warming spices, oak, boozy

About Witchcraft & The Occult 2

As black as witch’s cat and twice as mysterious, Witchcraft & the Occult 2 is our phantasmagorical follow-up to last February’s Witchcraft #1 collab with the spookmen of Forever Midnight Scary Movie Research Collective! This beer began as a familiar dark saison but time and brettanomyces yeast transmogrified this beer into something more. Flavors of cola and figs, tannic black currants and gentle hints of tart cherry and burnt sugar beckon further sips and deeper enchantment. At 10% ABV, it’s powerful magick, please imbibe thoughtfully.