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Witchcraft & The Occult 5: The Pentangle

Barrel-Aged Dark Sour w/ Coconut


  • Bottles To Go - Novato
  • Crystal Hops
  • 7.8 % ALC/VOL
  • Barrel-Aged
  • Dark Chocolate, Well-Aged Barolo, Coconut, Piarom Dates, Gingerbread

About Witchcraft & The Occult 5: The Pentangle

By fives we mark the approaching sacrament. By fives we count the offerings. By fives we gather and by fives we welcome change. Arise in the Pentangle, and behold yourself anew with the knowledge passed onto your by the elixir. You must go forth, but only to return in fives.

For Witchcraft & The Occult’s fifth year, we’ve combined five ales which offer their unique majicks to our cauldron; dark saisons both fresh and sour, a coconut porter, barrel-aged doppelbock, and a sour dark ale with (of course) forces unseen. So mote it be.