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Big Chicken 2023

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This year Big Chicken Week will run from 2/6/23-2/12/23! Our Santa Rosa Brewery Tasting Room and our Petaluma Palace Of Barrels will both be offering BIG CHICKEN 2023 on draft and in cans all week long, and each weekday we will be sending truckloads of this delicious hoppy monster to hundreds of amazing on-premise accounts all across the Bay Area and Beyond!! 

Cans of Big Chicken 2023 will be available exclusively at our Santa Rosa Brewery Tasting and our Petaluma Palace of Barrels. Cans will be allocated by day from Monday, February 6th – Sunday, February 12th.  Our Santa Rosa Brewery Tasting Room will have expanded hours all Big Chicken Week with cans available starting at 11 AM! We cannot guarantee that these daily allocations will last until closing, and we cannot guarantee the availability of Big Chicken after February 12th!

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What is Big Chicken?  Big Chicken is by far our biggest beer release every year! Big Chicken is more than a massively delicious ongoing exploration of hop excess! Big Chicken is our once-a-year demonstration of the commitment to beer freshness we share with all those who serve our beer!

What does a “Zero-Day” mean?Since 2016 every keg of delicious Big Chicken DIPA has been packaged, delivered, and enjoyed ALL IN THE SAME DAY!! Conceived as our annual ode to freshness, each Big Chicken release celebrates the harmonious partnership between beer brewers and beer sellers that must exist if beer drinkers are to receive brewery-fresh deliciousness!

Starting on Monday, February 6th our packaging team will begin five straight days of early morning kegging, to ensure that trucks can be loaded and on the road in time to complete the day’s deliveries. Every account where Big Chicken is poured agrees to have a freshly-cleaned draft line waiting when the beer arrives. This ensures that the brewery-fresh experience of our most sought-after and ephemeral offering is shared with the widest array of fresh beer lovers possible! We remain supremely stoked about working with other small businesses to ensure everyone gets to drink our most sought-after beer in its ideal condition.

Big Chicken 2023 begins in less than is three weeks! Zero-Day deliveries will take place throughout the greater Bay Area 2/6-2/10! HenHouse’s Brewery Tasting Room and Petaluma Palace Of Barrels will be offering fresh allocations 2/6-2/12!! 

Looking for Big Chicken near you? Click the link below to see when and where Big Chicken is coming to a tap near you! 

Find Me Big Chicken!


  • Will there be cans? 

Yes! But they sell very fast. Cans of Big Chicken are sold exclusively at our Santa Rosa Brewery Tasting Room and Petaluma Palace Of Barrels. Each location will have a daily allotment from 2/6-2/12, thereafter it is unlikely any cans will be available. 


  • Which accounts in each territory are carrying Big Chicken 2023 draft?

Big Chicken 2023 will be poured at approximately 400 accounts across the Bay Area and Beyond. Account lists will be published on HenHouse’s social media one week prior to the day of delivery in that geographical area. Click on the link below to see when and where Big Chicken is coming to your area!

Find Big Chicken Near Me!


  • Can you tell us about this year’s recipe?

Each year’s Big Chicken recipe serves as a snapshot of ingredients, techniques and trends in hoppy beer brewing that have captured our production team’s interest over the past year. This year, as we are about to launch our smaller pub brewery in Fairfax, CA our brewers are excited about the fact that the smaller scale of these batches, and less mechanized processes we will be using in Fairfax, will open them up to working with smaller local producers of malts and hops. With this on the horizon (and on our brewer’s minds) our Big Chicken 2023 recipe is indicative of the locally-sourced, West Coast Style IPAs, they plan to make a large part of our West County Pub brewery output. Big Chicken 2023 will feature will feature; Barley grown in Petaluma by our friends at Crane Ranch. This barley will then make the short trip to Alameda, CA where it will be malted by our friends at Admiral Maltings.  Big Chicking 2023 will feature, Mosaic hops from Loftus Ranches, Simcoe Hops from Coleman Agriculture, Cascade Hops from Green Acre Farms, and Centennial hops from our old friends at Crosby Hop Farm.