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11th Anniversary Library Tasting and Double Bottle Release!

At HenHouse, we view any milestone as a chance to remember the past, and look to the future! That is why this year, to celebrate our 11th Anniversary we are gassing up our Short Range Delorean and turning the stretch of 101 between our Palace Of Barrels in Northern Petaluma and our Brewery Tasting Room in Southern Santa Rosa into a portal that will transport travelers between our past and our future!

For the duration of our anniversary celebration at The Palace, visitors will be guided by our liquid librarians through offerings that will include by-the-glass pours of our entire line-up of bottle-conditioned and barrel-aged beers. On Sunday 3/26 we will take this to the next level with an intimate guided tasting experience hosted by our Brand Manager, Sayre Piotrkowski, and our Palace Of Barrels manager, Michael Fajardo set amongst our barrels and featuring some of the rarest and most unique beers we’ve ever produced.

Two of the beers we will feature represent two of the four special releases associated with our 11th Anniversary Celebration, and are not yet available for the public:

2023 Vintage Saison, Bottle-Condition Farmhouse Ale
The Greatest Generator, Rye-Whisky Barrel-Aged Doppelbock

2023 Vintage Saison, Bottle-Condition Farmhouse Ale
10th Anniversary Golden Ale, Belgian-style Strong Golden Ale
10th Anniversary Oyster Stout, Oak-Aged Export Stout with Hog Island Oysters
The Greatest Generator, Rye-Whisky Barrel-Aged Doppelbock
Witchcraft and The Occult Vol. 3: Devil’s Night, Barrel-Aged Dark Saison with Tart Cherries
Fowl Play 6: The Undiscovered Country Divided By the Needs of the Few > The One aka Neo, Barrel-Aged Old Ale
No Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts Were Harmed in the Making of This Barrel-Aged Pastry Stout, brewed with Cacao and Vanilla
**plus some an in-process surprise straight from the barrel!**

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