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Cheetahs on the Loose

Blonde Ale w/ Dry-Hopped Saphir


  • Currently unavailable
  • Saphir, Hops
  • 4.8 % ALC/VOL
  • Lager/Kolsch/Blonde
  • Doughy malt, Cinnamon candy, Floral, Mint

About Cheetahs on the Loose

Things aren’t what they seem. Appearances indicate truths, which are supported by and built on other truths, which are contradictory. This is true AND that is true, they can both be without canceling each other out. Sometimes, it’s just a blond ale made with Saphir hops and smelling like delicious roses and pears. And sometimes she’s actually the reincarnation of Queen Cleopatra and her life is in mortal danger. Both can be true. Or not.