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Abbey-style Dubbel with CTZ, Boebek Hops – 7% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • CTZ, Boebek Hops
  • 7% ALC/VOL
  • Belgian style
  • Plums, Fig Butter, Banana Bread, Malty, Brown Sugar

About Dubbularity

Our Belgian Dubbel returns! Dubbularity is a Dubbel in the tradition of the Trappist Ales of Belgium. It’s dry, chocolatey with rich prune and raisin flavors and a well-hidden alcohol punch. Brewed with a significant addition of Brown Belgian candi sugar lends to the well-attenuated burnt sugar character, and the famed Chimay ale yeast takes the malt character to a dried cocoa place of deliciousness.