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Funicular Rye Porter

Brewed at The West County Pub


  • Currently unavailable
  • East Kent Golding Hops
  • 6.2% ALC/VOL
  • Stout
  • Baker’s chocolate, burnt toast, slightly smokey, toffee, espresso beans, peppery spice

About Funicular Rye Porter

This beautiful chocolate brown brew takes its name from an iconic incline railroad that was built to serve the Heights of Fairfax Manor, from Aug. 16, 1913 until 1929. Fairfax’s Funicular Railway was a single, 26 passenger car, that  traversed a 33% incline to deliver riders to a tavern that offered chicken dinners and dancing to patrons adventurous enough to take the ride! As our West County Brewpub begins to rise anew we are inspired by the ambition of those who defied gravity to party with the people of Fairfax a century a go! Our “Funicular” Rye Porter takes the drinker ever higher with rich malty flavors of dark chocolate covered espresso bean and long pepper, before finding its peak in a lovely toffee-laiden finish! Hop on! There is a party at the peak!