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Old Pro

Scotch Ale with CTZ, Ahtanum Hops – 7.1% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • CTZ, Ahtanum Hops
  • 7.1 % ALC/VOL
  • Other
  • Whisky, Black Tea, Biscuits, Maple Syrup, Dark Toast

About Old Pro

“The Old Pro” is HenHouse’s first Wee Heavy, the strongest of Scottish beer styles. Scotland’s place in the North Atlantic is tough for growing hops so Scots have traditionally brewed their beer focusing on malt flavors and malt is certainly the star in The Old Pro Scotch ale! We used six different kinds of malt to deliver deeply satisfying grain-based goodness in your glass. At 7.1% ABV, this wee heavy is nae for weans. Slàinte!