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Pocket Change

Other with CTZ, Ahtanum Hops – 4.2% Alc/Vol


  • Currently unavailable
  • CTZ, Ahtanum Hops
  • 4.2 % ALC/VOL
  • Other
  • Biscuit, toast, slight cocoa powder, caramel, burnt chocolate, noyaux, dried cherries

About Pocket Change

Pocket Change is HenHouse’s first Scottish-style ale! We love hop-forward IPAs and fermentation-driven saisons but this beer is all about malt, the soul of beer! Hops don’t like to grow in Scotland so Scottish ales traditionally focus on the bready, carmelly, toasty flavors that malt loves to give us and we’re celebrating all that grain-based goodness with Pocket Change! At only 4.2% abv, you can relax and enjoy mouthful after mouthful of this mahogany marvel watching the heather grow.